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40 Jahre LAVERDA 1000 V6 beim Bol d'Or

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40 Jahre LAVERDA 1000 V6 beim Bol d'Or

Beitragvon lavgert » 02.12.2017, 15:39

Liebe Leute,

Giovanni Laverda hat mich gebeten diese Info übers Forum zu verbreiten:

Dear Laverda friends,

2018 will be the 40th anniversary of 1978 Bol d'Or raced by our V6.
The 24-25 March 2018 there will be a classic bike meeting in Paul Ricard circuit, named Sunday Ride Classic (http://www.sundayrideclassic.com/).
We made an agreement with organizers to have there an appearance of our V6 to celebrate this anniversary: same bike in the same track 40 years later.
So now we are thinking to set up a big Laverda meeting like we did in Spa in 2006.

This are the main features:
- a pit-box to display our bikes
- a media-room where Piero will do his PPT presentation about V6 history and where JLO can make a talk-show about the V6 book (maybe aslo about the 1971 American raid new book)
- 20 minutes track sessions during the weekend
- set up in the paddock a "Laverda Village" for the various Laverda owners coming to the event
- make a discount to entry fee in track sessions to Laverda owners: 269€ instead of 309 € for 4 track sessions of 20 min each
- possibility to camp in the paddock and around the track areas
- have a Laverda parade on track Sunday if will we have a good numbers of people coming in (like the one we did in Spa 2006)

I think that if we can manage to involve all Laverda Clubs in Europe maybe we could have a target of 150/200 people/bikes coming, but to do this I need your help.
Can you spread this information in Laverda Club Austria and to your various contacts?
Hope to see you there too!
Attached you find a leaflet about the event, more infos will be available in our website and FB page.

Bye, thanks

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Re: 40 Jahre LAVERDA 1000 V6 beim Bol d'Or

Beitragvon Uwe H. » 12.03.2018, 18:24

Auf Wunsch von Jean-Louis für die Teilnehmer am SRC und der Parade:

Zeitplan der LAVERDA Parade @ SRC 2018 Le Castellet

- Zahl der LAVERDAs: ca. 120

- Datum & Zeit: Samstag 24.03.18, 12:45 Uhr

- Ort: LAVERDA Dorf im Fahrerlager (Paddock)

- Alle Motorräder am Sammelpunkt: 13:00 Uhr

- Dauer der Parade: von 13:15 bis 13.30 Uhr

- Zahl der Runden: 2, mit Pace Car voraus

- Ausfahrt über die Boxengasse (Medical Pitlane)

- und zurück in das LAVERDA Dorf.
Grüße, Uwe
Uwe H.
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